European Perspective 2022/23

Published on Mar 17, 2022

Volatility is here

From dynamic rules of the game (geopolitical pressures and conflicts, unexpected regulatory restrictions, and trading risks) which are disrupting global supply chains and exercising the balance of operations and sales managers. To new ways of working and living, impacting the already non-linear consumer behaviours and employee demands. The consistent challenge for business is volatility.

Organisations need to turn ideas and ambitions into reality. By designing holistic plans as a means not an end and building the required organisational capabilities to enable transformation, we are able to help address the key questions of our clients:

  • "How do I get better visibility and decision-making of the top risks across my portfolio to drive value protection and operational improvement?"
  • "How do I enable my organisation to achieve our sustainability ambitions among so many other priorities?"
  • "How do I accelerate the transformation of my organisation to deliver sustainable and profitable growth, operating safer, smarter and with a positive impact on the environment and society?"

How we help clients

The dss+ European Business Pack provides our perspective on the top value drivers for business to enable transformational change through an integrated approach to problem-solving and skill-building.


Improve safety performance & manage risk
Minimising hazards, risks and near misses by improving safety culture.
See how we can help with Safety


Maximise sustainability & ESG impact
Implementing ESG strategies to rapidly increase the positive impact on business and society.
See how we can help with ESG


Enhance operations performance
Executing business processes more efficiently and reliably than the competition.
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Transform culture & organisational capabilities
Building skills, capabilities and sustainable solutions to enable business transformation.
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