Building a safer future for Hilti

Published on Sep 22, 2022


dss+ conducted a five-factor assessment of safety culture and operational risk management practices across the company. We then partnered with stakeholder groups at Hilti headquarters and in 4 global business units to facilitate the development and implementation of tailored safety mindset roadmaps, to achieve the company’s safety objective to become an “industry leader in employee health and safety”. Key milestones included:

  • Establishing a common framework for the governance and safety processes control;
  • Increasing safety ownership through two global customdesigned training programs for team leads and team members, to strengthen safety leadership and employee engagement;
  • Introducing proactive capacity-building through shopfloor risk assessment tools, leading KPIs, and global standards for high-risk activities;
  • Enhancing learning from incidents, based on uniform company-wide investigation and sharing practices.

“Safety is part of Hilti’s caring culture. It is great to see
the progress we are making as a team”.

Global H&S Process Manager