Arpa Industriale

Published on Sep 9, 2021

STOP® injuries

Although the company’s safety performance was good, it had reached a plateau stage and the management was searching new ways to involve and give ownership on safety to his people, working from a behavioral standpoint. One key objective was to increase the level of engagement regarding safety and its impact on performance.

Both top management and leaders followed an intense course on safety leadership focusing on getting the right mentality and enhancing skillset to sustain a cultural change and support the workforce in the execution of safety observations. Supervisors from all the differents areas of the plants were involved with our dss+ STOP® program standard training: covering class lessons by dss+ senior trainers, field coaching, practical exercise in the shopfloor and self study.

"We designed customised trainings and coaching for each audience: top management, managers and supervisors."

– dss+ project leader