Usina Coruripe: Zero Accident Always

Published: 2020

The partnership between Usina Coruripe and dss+ began in 2014 after the client had conducted an internal assessment which revealed that 85% of accidents were caused by unsafe behavior. As a result, it was necessary to take an aggressive measure so that everyone would work in a safer way, and to support this journey, dss+ created the program named “Zero Accident Always”, based on the company’s Safety Policy, to implement in every one of the client’s 7 operating units.

This program focused on the implementation of the dss+STOP® program, an award-winning, world-renowned behavioral observation program. In total, 21 STOP® groups were trained by dss+ consultants and plant trainers. To sustain the results, a STOP® Subcommittee was created for each operational unit, responsible for analyzing the program’s monthly data and determining the necessary action plans. In addition, the practice of a Daily Safety Dialogue (DSD) was also instrumental in the dissemination of these results and action plans. Department meetings were also established with the operational staff and the Central Safety Committee Meeting held monthly with president and directors. Safety has become ingrained and valued by the organization.