The Time Is Now to Go Green

Global consumers are increasingly throwing their buying power behind brands that matter, products that don’t harm the environment, and companies with purposes that align with their own beliefs.

Companies across all industry segments are faced with the fact that outside pressure is requiring them to improve their environmental footprint. New regulations, public opinion as driving forces to act on climate change, the heightened interest of investors as well as consumers looking for products that don’t harm the environment are forcing companies to take a hard look at their operations. As the resounding voice of today’s stakeholders is heard around all industries, calls for more eco-friendly products mean looking at the entire value chain. Companies are quickly realizing that big wins can come from looking holistically at their operations and manufacturing.

The chemical industry, being resource intensive in raw materials and energy use as well as a source of emissions and waste, is the crux of bigger, faster change. While the industry has known for some time that sustainability has to be a friend in business and not a foe, the value paradigm is shifting fast. The sustainability market is where the safety industry was in the 1950s, still very compliance-driven and highly reactive to government norms and pressures.

Now is the time to anticipate future trends, clarify business strategies on how to get there, and partner with the game changers who can innovate to embrace the realities of a circular economy. Chemical companies are finding new partners; sourcing alternative raw materials; delving into process optimization; and reducing energy consumption, waste and emissions, all while optimizing their supply chain. They know there is real opportunity to help customers meet their sustainability goals, but it’s going to mean taking a long, hard look at their own operations, investing in their existing assets, and adding innovative new technologies and processes. It’s clear. The time is now to go green - or just go.

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