Driving Transformation at Global Petrochemical Firm: Part 2

Published: 2020

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) partnered with a top 5 global petrochemical company on a transformation project at corporate and subsidiary levels to drive risk reduction, sustainable performance improvement, and ensure safe and reliable production across its business portfolio.

In part 1, DSS summarized the experience from this global HSE transformation project aimed at ensuring that the client was focused on the right priorities and risks at the corporate and subsidiary company asset/site level.

In part 2, DSS focused on driving transformation by focusing on risk reduction, strengthening safety culture, and embedding a sustainable operating rhythm. Sustainable risk reduction and operational performance improvement are two sides of the same coin. A cultural transformation and operational performance improvement program is a “marathon” and not a “sprint”, and needs to be resilient during organisational changes. Transformation and pace of change need to take into account risks, maturity of the organisation, capabilities, and constraints.