How to Implement a Successful Plant Turnaround as Part of Your Operations Excellence Strategy

Published: 2019

Achieving a successful Plant Turnaround is an integral part of any Operational Excellence Program and requires the right partnership to be implemented successfully.

dss+ spoke to Anthony Becerra, a Principal at dss+ based in the Middle East, on what to consider when implementing a successful plant Turnaround strategy. A Turnaround, also known as TAR, is a core part of an Operations Excellence Program, typically falling under the pillar of Risk Management, Asset Integrity and Reliability. A Turnaround occurs when part of, or all of, a plant‘s operations have to shut down for equipment to be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned, serviced, repaired, and/or replaced.

Among the pitfalls for why a Turnaround might fail includes not having an effective strategy, inefficient planning, and poor delivery. In this article, Anthony unpacks the potential reasons for why a Turnaround could fail and how to avoid them.

“The golden rule for implementing a successful Turnaround is to conduct a robust assessment of the Turnaround strategy and planning process prior to the actual execution of the Turnaround itself.”

Anthony Becerra, a Principal at dss+ based in the Middle East

Download the full article, which includes three case studies on:

  • Safety improvements during Turnaround
  • Increasing production by reducing unplanned downtime
  • Reducing costs

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