Top 5 Safety Actions To Implement In 2021

Published: Jan 26, 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that risks surface unexpectedly, often from unforeseen sources. What lessons can organisations take from the current crisis in safety and risk management? Why did some companies manage newly emerging risks better than others? And what best practices from last year will help make safety more resilient in 2021?

To understand how European organisations perceived and managed safety in 2020 and plan to take it forward in 2021, dss+ surveyed organisations in a range of industries across Europe, interviewed safety leaders who successfully navigated the COVID crisis about their best practices, analysed regional variations, and gathered views on the safety outlook for the year ahead.

This new report highlights five critical safety actions that any European safety manager should implement in 2021. Enriching our new #Safetyforgood series, it contributes to promote health and safety at work in a global ESG roadmap.

Download the highlights of the European report here to learn:

  • Strengths and weaknesses in 2020 safety management
  • Five actions to make your organisation’s safety performance more resilient
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  • Detailed results by profile and actions
  • Best practice recommendations from successful safety leaders
  • Country data and perspectives
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