Safety in the New Normal

Published: 2020

Do your teams feel safe at work today? When was the last time you measured employee safety perception? If the answer is months or years ago, our new Safety. For Good program is for you!

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted most, if not all, companies to refocus their priorities on preventing infection in the workplace. Now is the time to ensure other safety risks are not overlooked and are managed effectively.

The new operating environment dictates a different, more flexible approach to sensitizing the workforce to the risks involved in their work. With the continued need for social distancing, and increasing access to digital support, Safety. For Good is a new program that delivers our award-winning safety expertise through a safe, virtual approach.

dss+ experts selected top safety modules to help you (re) measure the safety maturity of your teams, identify potential gaps, reinforce best practices, and adopt a risk-based approach to taking the right decisions.

Below are the 3 steps for a successful safety journey:

1. Measure. Refocus your workforce on key safety risks by involving them in risk assessments through our online dss+ Safety Perception Survey™ (SPS). The quick and easy to complete survey measures attitudes and behavior patterns, re-engages managers, supervisors and employees in thinking about safety, pinpoints potential risk areas, provides data for predictive analytics, and enables global industry benchmarking. The SPS™ helps you locate your teams’ level of safety culture on the dss+ Bradley Curve™ and then comprehend and benchmark their journey to world-class safety performance.

2. Observe. Safe behaviors need practice, encouragement, and reinforcement. Learn how to engage employees in working more safely through a virtual STOP® workshop. Develop the skills to spot and prevent ‘at risk’ behavior and prepare teams to manage COVID-19 prevention and other daily risks. The workshop offers a refresher on safety observations, tips on effective dialogues on safety, as well as practical exercises.

3. Embed. Making sound decisions on risk has never been more important – in society, in organizations and on a personal level. The virtual Risk Factor™ workshop raises individual risk awareness and encourages smart, considered decision-making. The workshop explores how people perceive risk, what affects their decisions and provides participants with tools to make safer choices in future.

These pragmatic, digital and online solutions to safety in the new normal are designed by dss+ safety management experts to help you inform and engage your managers, employees, and contractors in improving safety.