Covid, the Great Resignation or it is the Great Reshuffle … Top 10 tips to maintaining your Safety Culture and Outcomes in times of uncertainty

Businesses are grappling with the potential effects of an unstable workforce posed by what some call the Great Resignation and others the Great Reshuffle. Whatever its name, the complexities this upheaval engenders are compounded by the ongoing waves of covid-related work absences and varying levels of employee engagement in the face of overall uncertainty.

At times of increased staff turnover and absenteeism, the risk of safety incidents, near-miss or worse, grows too. Employees well versed in your safety culture and processes are gone, and numerous new ones coming from diverse horizons, must be onboarded.

When most companies publicly declare that the safety of their employees is their priority, and can hardly afford the cost, human and otherwise, of any safety occurrence, what can you do to manage your immediate safety risk level and accelerate safety culture engagement?

We have identified ten practical tips on some steps you can take now. Consider those that are most relevant to your organisation.

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