dss+ partners with Romande Energie on decarbonisation

Published on Sep 14, 2022

dss+ and Romande Energie have announced that they are teamng up to create ZenCO2 - a range of services to help companies transition to clean energy by developing roadmaps for cutting greenhouse gases. What makes this service unique is that it not only helps define net zero strategies but also advises and assists companies in how to implement net zero at an operational level.

ZenCO2 will support companies in Western Switzerland with a full and flexible range of services, from advice for sustainably reducing greenhouse gas emissions (diagnostics/carbon footprint quantification) and establishing tangible emission targets to zero-carbon planning, goal-setting, guidance during the transformation and on-the-ground management of multi-technical projects. Romande Energie and dss+ will provide the right tools, methods and tried-and-tested solutions for meeting these targets.

The whole purpose of this service is to help companies in Western Switzerland take concrete steps towards cutting their carbon emissions, and, as a result, make their business models more ‘future proof’. Amid the current energy crisis, cutting greenhouse gas emissions in many cases means improving efficiency and streamlining usage, leading to lower energy consumption.

“In its own drive towards net zero, Romande Energie has been faced and even today faces a whole range of challenges common to other companies in the region,” says Christian Petit, CEO of Romande Energie. “ZenCO2 is now the conduit through which we’re making our experience and multi-technical expertise available to companies in the construction and energy sectors.”

“The integration of the decarbonisation programme into the company’s governance framework, alongside other management systems, is a key success factor for steadily achieving net zero targets,” adds David Rochat, Head of EMEA Sustainability Services at dss+. “Our long track record in managing strategic overhauls guarantees full alignment between corporate governance policies and actual implementation at grass-roots level.”

ZenCO2 has already been presented to around 20 companies in Western Switzerland, who see the approach as relevant and useful for their business.

About dss+

dss+ is a leading provider of operations management consulting services with a purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future. dss+ enables organisations to build organisational and human capabilities, manage risk, achieve sustainability and ESG goals and operate more responsibly.

By leveraging its DuPont heritage, deep industry and management expertise and diverse team, dss+ consultants are on the ground and in the boardroom helping clients work safer, smarter and with purpose. Additional information is available at www.consultdss.com

About Romande Energie Group

Romande Energie Group is the leading supplier of electricity in Western Switzerland and a mainstay in the Swiss energy industry. It offers several sustainable solutions for the distribution and generation of electricity in addition to energy services, which include energy efficiency and electromobility.

All its generation assets are driven by renewable sources of energy. Additionally, it is working hand in hand with customers, investors and employees to provide ever-better standards of living through innovative services and a commitment to sustainability. Romande Energie is dedicated, day in day out, to offering high-grade services and security of supply, just as customers expect, as well as supporting them in transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy and reducing carbon intensity across Western Switzerland.

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