Streamlining and Improving Process Safety at Leading Aromatic Manufacturer

Published: 2020

One of the world’s leading aromatic manufacturers supplying the perfumery industry, based in India, has experienced extraordinary growth over the past two decades. Indeed, turnover has more than doubled every three to five years, largely driven through introduction of thirteen new products.

This fast growth led to significant augmentation of capacity and addition of product lines at its main manufacturing facility, creating a congested facility with multiple production plants and their associated storage and support units in a small area. Furthermore, since most of these processes were developed in-house, there were many process anomalies, and no external process experience could be cited as an example of how to manage such anomalies. Furthermore, many of the materials used in the manufacture of their products are volatile, flammable and/or toxic, thus increasing the criticality of process controls even further.

As complexity grew, so did the risk of an incident or accident. Company leadership decided to take a stand. In addressing the board about the augmented risk, the Managing Director stated, “we cannot go about our business while hurting people”. They, therefore, decided to take action to reduce the risk of a process safety incident, and called on dss+ to help them in their efforts to do so.