Implementing an Electrical Safety Program in Middle East Industries

Published: 2019

The Middle East region has experienced rapid growth across numerous industries to diversify the region’s economic activity. Regional construction activity has increased, demand for materials such as aluminum, steel and cement are highly sought after, and due to the abundant oil and gas reserves, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are also producing a variety of chemicals and plastics products.

In this context, the demand for power across industries has increased resulting in complex power generation plants and high and low voltage systems and networks being built to supply energy intensive industries such as aluminum smelting, steel manufacturing, oil refineries, etc. posing inherent electrical risks to be carefully managed. Organizations have adopted different international electrical safety standards causing inconsistency and fragmented electrical rules being practiced, often without an adequate overarching electrical safety program (ESP) to effectively address electrical risks.

dss+ recently worked with an organization to enhance its electrical safety management systems, practices and related mindsets and behaviors to mitigate its electrical risk profile and support continuous improvement.

Together with dss+, the facilities developed a comprehensive tailored approach to close a multitude of identified gaps in electrical safety systems and practices such as lack of standardized rules and requirements, inadequate Personal Protective Equipment and tools, absence of some energy isolation equipment, and lack of testing and inspection programs for RCDs (Residual Current Devices).

The integrated, overarching Electrical Safety program resulted in tangible electrical risk reduction as well as provided the foundations for continuous improvement such as increased awareness of electrical hazards and risks, strengthened electrical safe practices and established a culture of continues improvement.

Find out more about how a risk-based and comprehensive electrical safety program offers a sound foundation for electrical risk reduction and sustained improvements by downloading our case study.