Beyond the Limitation: Freyssinet Thailand casts off doubts to embrace a safety culture change

Published: 2020

Bridges and civil structures, buildings and skyscrapers, industrial facilities and stadiums-these are the heart of the Freyssinet business. A leader in specialist civil engineering, the company is also recognized for its unwavering dedication to safety. Recently, however, its Thai subsidiary challenged itself to weave a stronger, consistent safety culture throughout its operations.

Risk awareness campaigns and extensive communications were well established at Freyssinet Thailand, but attitudes around safety seemed to have reached a plateau. An internal audit found an inconsistent safety culture-reporting and competency needed improvement and workers felt unable to challenge leaders on the balance between operations and safety. Managing director Dr. Borvornbhun Vonganan recognized, “It was as if unknown limits were holding us back,” and set out to radically shift the organization’s thinking.

Over the months that followed, Freyssinet Thailand worked with dss+ to significantly alter the way leaders, teams and individual front-line workers viewed and talked about safety, building in a level of ownership, accountability and trust that elevates safety from “something we do” to “who we are.”