Cultural Transformation Increases Safety Efforts at Emirates Steel

Published: 2019

dss+ collaborated with Emirates Steel on the safety excellence program “AMAN”, which led to a culture change and improved safety performance among all employee levels within their steel plants.

In this high risk industry, dss+ and Emirates Steel worked together to identify various safety areas that needed to be enhanced.

This was based on three focus areas:

  • Build foundations (establish governance and leadership commitment)
  • Enhance key risk management practices and procedures
  • Address risks and build capabilities (area transformation)

Over an eighteen month period, dss+ helped Emirates Steel establish their safety and Life Saving Rules, held safety training for all employees and helped to revise several procedures including their permit to work procedures and safety observations and inspections, contributing to 8.595 risks being identified in 2019 (as at end July 2019) of which 86% were contained.

Through this partnership, Emirates Steel gained a comprehensive view of all the steps needed to achieve the goals set as part their safety journey. By completing the initiatives proposed, a safer working environment was established which in turn led to higher productivity levels.

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