DuPont Sustainable Solutions #1 in Brand Awareness and Preference Among EHS Consulting Companies

A Global EHS Leaders Survey released by Verdantix, an independent research firm, ranks DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) as the "stand-out brand in the EHS consulting market".   


According to the survey, 77% of responders are aware of DSS and 32% rank DSS at the top of the list for brand preference. The survey data shows that DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ brand preference at 32% is far ahead.


DSS is the protagonist of the brand preference statistics: 8% of respondents consider DSS to have market-leading capabilities, and 25% consider the firm a provider of strong capabilities of EHS consulting. DSS has been offering operational risk and safety consulting services for the past 30 years. Not only has DSS leveraged the global footprint of the well-known DuPont brand, but also adopted DuPont’s knowledge and experience gained from dealing with safety in the agriculture and nutrition, advanced materials, and bio-based industrials sectors, such as the handling of extreme chemical hazards.