Dordrecht Infographic: Cut Emissions While Cutting Costs

Companies worldwide are working to reduce energy use, water consumption and emissions to make the best decisions for their business and the environment. While sustainable operations are key to long-term productivity, cutting both emissions and costs is a great challenge. National legislation and other regulations impose caps on the use of chemicals, energy and water consumption. And manufacturing sites must comply with strict requirements.


By 2020, the European emissions trading system expects members who operate factories, power plants and other installations to have reduced emissions by 21 percent on 2005 levels. To comply with these requirements, our Dordrecht site in the Netherlands is reducing emissions by 2% every year, to bring about a total reduction of 20% between 2010 and 2020.


One of the most significant energy savings projects is our collaboration with HVC, an incinerator of community waste adjacent to Dordrecht. The incinerator produces steam, which is fed into a heat exchanger filled with water. The water heated in this exchanger produces more steam, which is used in the production processes at Dordecht. We’re also dramatically decreasing water consumption through new recycling policies.