UpSafe: Acciaierie Venete's corporate safety project evolves with dss+

Published on Jun 25, 2024

This project is the natural continuation of the path Acciaierie Venete started in March with the detailed analysis phase of the management and operational processes, enhancing their ongoing commitment to excellence in safety management and culture.

For this next - implementation - phase, which will last around 24 months, dss+, a leading global operations management consultancy firm, carefully selected for its proven international experience, will continue to work closely with the Acciaierie Venete to ensure smooth implementation and sustaining the progress achieved. Working with dss+ will enable Acciaierie Venete to approach safety management with even greater rigour, guaranteeing the highest standards for the company's future.

Acciaierie Venete are clear about their goal to lay the foundations for a solid and sustainable safety-oriented company, where every individual feels responsible and proactive in managing health and safety in the workplace.

The project will mainly take place at their Padova site, while also involving the Borgo Valsugana, Buja, Dolcè, Mura, Odolo and Sarezzo plants, as well as the subsidiaries, in key activities aimed at spreading good practices and accelerating change in the Group.

The project is strongly supported by Acciaierie Venete's CEO and the management team, and will be coordinated by the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) department in close contact with Site Managers, to ensure an effective and coordinated implementation at every level.

Both Acciaierie Venete and dss+ are confident that this close partnership will result in a significant step towards the continuous improvement of Acciaierie Venete's safety culture, making it an even safer workplace to all the operators and colleagues.