Transmission Grid Operator

Published on Sep 15, 2021

Online training in dss+ Risk Factor™

Due to the high-risk and isolated working environments on various construction sites, the company have set high expectations for an individual to work safely. Nevertheless, most accidents were caused by behavioural lapses. While the dss+ Risk Factor programme was a perfect fit for the client, only 2/3 of the training programme was completed before the start of the pandemic, putting uncertainty over completion of the remainder of the programme.

dss+ adapted the initial face-to-face on-site training to remote online sessions, completely redesigning the training flow. This approach ensured no training sessions were lost. Additionally, participants were very happy with the immersive and engaging online training, because their close involvement in the programme redesign made it specifically tailored to their needs. A last-minute risk assessment tool was also introduced that staff used to improve situational awareness and communication.

"The decisions we make are based on the experience each of us has as an individual. Those of us who have often got lucky in dangerous situations will then take risky decisions the next time. Thus, we decided to implement the dss+ Risk Factor programme to improve the personal risk awareness levels for all of our staff."

– Head of HSEQ