Transformation to build a strong safety culture

Published on Nov 14, 2023
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Beauparc were seeing a significant increase of serious incidents across the group. Safety maturity throughout the organisation was low, and dss+ proposed a roadmap to reduce the risk profile, with consultancy support for a Beauparc-led improvement programme. dss+ emphasised the need for an early focus on containment actions, with leadership training and coaching alongside building a strong culture to sustain improvements.


After a series of assessments across Beauparc sites dss+ supported them on their 'Safer Together’ journey which is designed to achieve positive change with these activities having taken place so far:

- Leadership competency and coaching;

- LOTO facilitators training;

- Risk containment support, assurance & review;

- RCA training.

“We had a vision at Beauparc to work together to create safer environments for our people, partners and planet. We partnered with dss+ to create our Safer Together leadership programme. We can now focus on the key leadership areas and make safety an active part of our day.”

- Brian McCabe, CEO at Beauparc