The Journey to Safety

Published on May 25, 2023


dss+ worked with Modulaire Group to assess the current safety management system, organisation, processes, and KPIs to identify improvement opportunities, including its management of contractors. This included a Safety Perception Survey (SPS), interviews, site visits, and a SIF assessment. Findings and Future-State Visioning workshops were held with Excom to align the requirements to become world-class in safety. Consensus was achieved across the organisation on the need to enhance safety leadership competencies. dss+ designed and delivered a behavioural-based safety programme called “Taking the next step to becoming a better safety leader.” This programme fostered understanding of the role of a leader in advancing safety culture and to develop safety observation and communication skills for over 1,000 managers and supervisors across all regions and sites.

“Safety is our first priority and moving quickly towards an interdependent culture is very important to Modulaire. dss+ has played a vital role in training over 1,000 colleagues in safety observations and conversations to help us accelerate our progress to interdependence. The quality and knowledge of the dss+ trainers has been appreciated by our teams across the world.”

– Mark Higson, CEO Modulaire Group


Assess Modulaire Group’s safety culture and upskill managers and supervisors to support ambitious safety improvement goals.


Operational Risk Management consulting, Safety Perception Survey (SPS), roadmap to improving safety culture and safety management system; training and coaching.


  • 94 training sessions delivered in 57 locations and in 12 languages;
  • 82% of employee’s participation in SPS;
  • Executive alignment to become world-class in safety;
  • Enhanced managerial ability to identify risky and unsafe behaviours, and to address them with empathy and care.