Published on Sep 15, 2021

A long process to achieve world-class performance

"As a company, Terrafame is still relatively young, now less than eight years old. Because of the ramp-up, we have mostly been reactive in our operations, responding to things as they happen. We’ve been unable to plan the work as carefully as we’d have liked to." says Project Manager Pekka Lappalainen Terrafame.

First, dss+ analysed the current situation through employee interviews and an overall assessment. Next, a decision was made to proceed on four fronts: the organisational culture and leadership, operations and maintenance, safety and risk management, as well as the management system. “All these areas are inter-linked. For example, improved safety increases production efficiency when unsafe and incorrect operations are gradually eliminated.” says Sami Karvinen, Head of Nordic at dss+.

"Although the process is time-consuming, we can already see results. Changes to the operational and safety culture have got off to a brisk start, and the safety aspects resonate well with the workers. When things are done differently, the way of thinking also changes, and that’s what counts."

– Pekka Lappalainen, Project Manager, Terrafame