Published on Jun 1, 2020

Our dss+ team believes affective communication and branding are never meant to be a replacement for safety policies, procedures, and excellent training. However, when built upon your safety brand, training and procedures are more effective than ever before.

A safety brand launch brings excitement and energy to your organization. For your brand to reach its full potential, sustained affective messaging helps it to thrive within your workforce.

Brand sustainability also comes through microlearning, e-learning, or training media.

Some of our strongest communication pieces come in the form of media. These videos can contain any number of brand sustaining messages like employee stories, vision casting, safety culture updates, and more. They not only keep the brand top of mind, but they also often feature your employees. It’s always special to see the reaction of your teams when they see themselves or their colleagues on screen.

Our seasoned design team will assemble quarterly communication packages and promotional materials. Through partnership and consulting, our team will be with you every step of the way as you continue through your cultural transformation.

Using these sustaining tools will enable your safety brand to become ingrained in your workforce. From new employees who see the brand during onboarding, to the veterans who helped create it, your entire workforce will have a flag in the sand that always reminds them of their reasons to get home safe at the end of every day.