Strengthening Asset Integrity

Published on Nov 17, 2021


dss+ designed a comprehensive plan for developing and implementing a robust MIQA framework. Selected company leaders were also trained and coached to develop MIQA champions, with the critical role of driving full-scale implementation and sustaining new MIQA practices. In addition, dss+ trained frontline staff in the effective adoption of MIQA systems and processes. As part of the process, dss+:

  • Designed and introduced best-in-class MIQA systems and processes (e.g., asset criticality, new equipment quality assurance, critical spares quality control, critical equipment assessment, etc.).
  • Facilitated workshops with key personnel to identify pilot areas for establishing new and upgraded MIQA practices.
  • Created clear MIQA governance mechanisms for alignment and integration into the broader existing PSM governance framework.
  • Designed and rolled out MIQA performance dashboards to help drive, sustain and continue rollout.