Published on Sep 15, 2021

Making the right decision

Although the company's safety performance was good in terms of accident rate, it had reached a plateau stage in which the management was worried about the dangerous behaviours and incidents, that they judged not in line with the level of excellence required in the organisation. There was a low level of engagement regarding safety that needed to change.

Site Leadership at Rosignano site was looking for an innovative solution to engage workforce and re-energise commitment to Safety. After a successful interaction in 2015, dss+ was requested to provide its point of view and design a project to tackle the issues. The result of this co-work design between Solvay and dss+ was the implementation of dss+ The Risk Factor™, which increased awareness of risks, decision autonomy, and a sense of pride thanks to the safety progress that had been made.

"The training program helped our people to understand the impact that individual choices have on the individual safety and on the one of others. We started to make a switch from ‘I have to work safely' to ‘I want to work safely'."

– Michele Fascelli, Unit Production Manager