Solar Energy Manufacturer

Published on Jun 1, 2021

Safety: more than a word, a corporate commitment


Due to the client’s integration in the owner company’s portfolio, the renewables company was motivated to reinforce its HSSE Management System in order to achieve a safer environment for its workers. With that goal, the client decided to further strengthen their commitment to workplace safety, and provide training to all of their staff.


The project included several activities related to the HSSE Management System. Firstly, some of the safety procedures were designed according to the operational requirements. Then, training sessions were defined and scheduled in order to ensure that all employees are familiar with safety procedures implemented on-site. Then, with dss+ support, the client started the implementation of some of the HSSE procedures to achieve the company’s main goal of incorporating safety practices to ensure a safer environment for its workers.


Reinforce the company’s commitment to safety by re-designing its integrated HSSE Management System according to the client’s HSSE requirements.


HSSE Management System, Redesign, implementation and training on the HSSE procedures


  • Increasing Safety Operational Procedures to reinforce the Safety Management System.
  • 100% of employees trained in the Safety Procedures
“We are very committed to continuous improvement in Safety, we are therefore fully dedicated to the design and implementation of the HSSE Management System in order to fulfill the company’s requirements and achieve HSSE excellence.”

- HSSE Corporate Director