Risk Profiling

Published on Jul 17, 2021

Risk Profiling allows Major Steel Player to Contain Critical Risks



dss+ partnered with the client to enhance risk management capabilities and reduce operational risk exposure.

  • Joint development of a risk profile across 24 key operational processes to map high risk activities and understand risk exposure
  • Identification of key gaps in the design adequacy and implementation effectiveness of existing critical controls and development of specific action plans
  • Tailored competence building in risk-based thinking and safety interactions
  • Extensive engagement and coaching of client personnel to identify and reduce key operational risks
  • Upgrading of mitigation plans for prioritized risks incl. emergency response plan and crisis management
  • Establishment of a risk management framework
  • A risk escalation mechanism to proactively identify and manage new/emerging risks
  • Definition of KPIs incl. leading indicators to promote a proactive approach