Why Up/Reskilling Is Key to Greater Business Impact

Published on Jul 10, 2023

Business leaders still prioritize Reskilling/Upskilling (#1) over AI (#2), with Talent Management (#3), Learning Analytics (#4), and Learning Experience Platforms (#11) close behind, according to a recent report.1

Yet, developing talent is not enough if it doesn’t create value and impact. eLearning is a flexible, affordable, highly reliable way to effectively upskill and reskill your workforce without disrupting production.

eLearning can quickly scale across large, global populations to deliver:

Consistency: All teams receive the same information in the same order and at the same time. As a result, all employees adopt a consistent safety language and approach.

Speed: Learning modules are available for delivery 24-7 via any device. Workers can access critical new training instantly, scaling training enterprise-wide immediately.

Transparency: The dss+ LMS tracks participation, adoption of critical capabilities, and knowledge retention. This gives leadership a clear lens into potential skills gaps at all levels. The data gives leaders a sharper focus and leads to better decision making.

Reliability: Leaders are assured the workforce gains the skills needed to drive value. There is no greater way to ensure the wholesale upskilling of capabilities.

To stay competitive, organizations must constantly upskill/reskill their employees to keep pace with changing market forces and rapid advancements in technology.

A strong online learning platform, hosting reliable eLearning and data analytics, can accelerate organization performance and more reliably produce safer work environments.

Re/upskilling workers reduces risk and leads to more innovation.

Contact dss+ to learn how you can generate greater impact through better training.

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