Rail Freight Company

Published on Nov 15, 2020

Safety always comes first

Client's employees frequently work in isolation and constantly need to react to changing and often new situations. The management had to learn how to change their mindset from an "I have to" attitude to safety to an "I want to" attitude to enable them to recognise risks systematically, make safe decisions independently and integrate safety into their work routine in a way that feels natural.

dss+ trained all executives and senior managers in the dss+ Risk Factor™ to increase individual risk awareness and promote affective communication about risks. dss+ also supported the organisation in improving its safety culture and expanding and transmitting it throughout the organisation. This included creation of a new safety vision and governance metrics, the establishment of all-encompassing risk assessments and vital rules, and the development of guidelines to ensure maximum learnings from near misses/incidents.

"The Risk Factor is very well structured. The material is immensely helpful and the quality of training from dss+ is outstanding."

– Operational Risk Management expert at client side