Owning a safe physical and mental environment

Published on Nov 8, 2023
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Since 2017, APTAR Beauty significantly improved its safety management system, but difficulties in positively involving the managerial line and changing safety behaviors in the field still remained. APTAR was also concerned about the emergence of psychosocial risks that could affect people’s morale and health.


  • dss+ supported the top-management team in implementing risk governance through individual and team coaching.
  • dss+ trained and supported internal players to ensure that the change was carried through by APTAR: managers promoting change, in-house trainers, and HSE specialists.
  • dss+ recognised the importance of psychosocial safety at work - identified psychosocial risk factors and implemented actions to ensure safety and wellbeing of its staff.
"The fact that the project is carried out by in-house teams is more empowering than if it were carried out entirely by an external service provider."

- Aptar Executive