Mobilising leadership around a safety improvement journey

Published on Jan 5, 2024


Our client offers state-of-the-art plastic piping solutions that are used in various applications such as building, infrastructure, industrial, and agricultural across the globe. The company’s Executive and Regional Leadership Teams approached dss+ to assist them with understanding their safety culture maturity and their employees’ perception of safety to drive improvements at different levels.


The client’s team needed an in-depth understanding of their current safety maturity in order to build relevant and comprehensive roadmaps for their local challenges and safety objectives. In this regard, the organisation sought out the help of dss+ experience and tools to assist them in painting the full picture.


The dss+ Safety Perception Survey™ (SPS) is a leading resource in understanding safety culture maturity globally. In order to paint the picture of the situation at the company, dss+ designed an SPS for the 18,700 employees at the companies in different languages, including 24 questions and three additional customised questions. This project covered the global perimeter for all divisions. After running the survey, dss+ focused on the strengths and improvements required to build a resilient and sustainable safety culture. Through SPS workshop sessions at various team levels, the dss+ management discussed the current picture and the opportunities for improvement. The dss+ MIRA™ digital platform, which allows in-depth analysis of safety perception and progress across regions, was also deployed in order to investigate local results more comprehensively and design its safety roadmap.


Understand safety maturity and guide safety roadmap development across global operations.


  • Understand current safety and risk perception through the Safety Perception Survey
  • Analysis of safety maturity through dss+ MIRA analytics


  • 18,700 employees across 5 regions and 16 different languages surveyed
  • In-depth analysis provided to all regions
  • Solid foundation to design an improved safety journey at regional and global scale