How a Mining Company Reduced Regulatory Risk

Published on Oct 16, 2023


One of the largest mining companies in the world needed to conduct a Legislative Audit, that is, a Risk Assessment that would ensure it was meeting all government environmental, safety and occupational health standards as dictated by government regulators. The risk of being out of compliance could be disastrous, resulting in disruptions, slowdowns, or loss of the right to operate.

dss+ Approach

Over three months, dss+ consultants used a central file sharing database so the company could upload all policy procedures and protocols for assessment of all legal requirements unique to the designated country in western Europe. Interviews and focus groups were also conducted.

Empowered with knowledge gleaned from this process, dss+ then identified gaps that needed addressing. A report generated for senior leadership not only listed areas where the company was vulnerable to health and safety, environmental, and other risks, but those gaps were aligned with recommendations about how to best remedy them.

The project was successful because of the global reach, and access to a wide variety of industry and operational experts available to dss+. Not only did dss+ have native speakers who could read highly complex regulatory documents, but dss+ consultants also understood the local culture intimately. As a result, dss+ managed to sail over potential roadblocks and get the company what it needed: Total relief from potential legislative compliance risks.