Mapping risk exposure in oil and gas

Published on Jul 19, 2023


A major oil & gas consortium from the Middle East, composed of various operating companies across the Middle East, Europe and North America, approached dss+ to assist with its mission to provide reliable and sustainable energy. To this end, dss+ helped the client with a strategic workplace and process safety review.


For our client, risk mitigation for people and the environment is a major element of providing reliable and sustainable energy. As such, a detailed analysis and understanding of the current status of safety practices and policies across their sites globally was needed in order to establish the baseline, identify areas for improvement, and map a strategic way forward.

dss+ Approach

dss+ conducted risk-based safety assessments across all the client's operating companies globally, through a Safety Perception Survey™ to measure cultural maturity, in-depth interviews and document reviews. In addition, field visits were conducted to evaluate the overall culture, system implementation effectiveness, and practices.

Once evaluated, dss+ helped the client to gain alignment on assessment findings and top risks to envision the future state through a series of debrief workshops that presented strategic themes and a aligned on the roadmap for the way forward.