Major Pulp & Paper Company

Published on Sep 13, 2021

Paving the way in improving environmental culture and performance

Our client wanted to improve their environmental performance to meet the expectations of an increasingly competitive market. They also aimed to increase employees' environmental awareness, felt leadership, and reduce the overall environmental impact.

Together with the client's leadership team, and after sites visits to identify "Environmental Impact Profiles", dss+ co-developed an Environmental Preventive Observations program. We defined 5 focus areas: odour, waste management, noise, particle emissions and soil or water pollution due to leaks and spills. Hundreds of supervisors & shopfloor employees were trained on how to conduct such observations themselves, based on a new comprehensive management system.

"We helped create a new comprehensive environmental management system, but most importantly we engaged all employees on the influence of their behaviours on a site's environmental footprint."

– dss+ project manager