Lhoist North America

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Lhoist North America Case Study


The Challenge

Lhoist North America required a system that would deliver consistent training from any browser, anywhere, anytime. In addition, the organization needed to have the ability to track mandated compliance training easily.

At Lhoist, most operations run twenty-four hours, seven days a week making it difficult to allocate time for training. Less than half of the employees use a company email, therefore consistent communication was also challenging.

With over 50 locations across the United States and many of them located in remote areas, the company wanted to reduce the need for instructors to travel to these multiple locations.

Employee training requirements for this Mining & Manufacturing industry organization are diverse. A majority of the employees must meet MSHA training. Others must comply with OSHA and DOT requirements. In addition, many of their employees require technical and specialized training.


The Solution

Lhoist chose the dss+ eLearning Suite™ to satisfy its need for an e-learning training platform. The suite provides the majority of its staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of online training courses. The suite delivers the capability to accurately track training hours and provide task training in leadership communication, safety, environment, mechanical, electrical, and operator functions.


"The dss+ eLearning Suite™ has given our employees the flexibility to complete training at their convenience. Since they can stop and then pick up where they left off, it helps them fit training in between other job activities. Our qualified instructors use it to enhance the safety program. It is a developmental tool for our employees who desire to learn more about their field or function. Additionally, we utilized the custom course creation feature to build a course that is a part of our onboarding process."

Mike Staggs, Training and Learning Manager, Lhoist North America


The Result

In addition, this solution has provided the organization with:

  • Support to maintain the Lhoist North America learning and development objectives
  • Flexibility in scheduling and conducting training
  • A convenient platform to deliver training
  • A vehicle for easily creating custom courses.

Major benefits to the organization:

  1. Provided a reduced cost per hour training solution.
  2. Consistent training content; each employee is exposed to identical material and test scores can be evaluated to demonstrate that learning occurred.
  3. The company tracks cost, training hours, and training headcounts. Lhoist has experienced a reduction in travel expenses for remote employees who take their training courses online.

The organization has seen an increase in online training courses being requested and the learning solution has been embraced.