Holding with Key Assets in Mining & Metals

Published on Sep 13, 2021

Risk based approach to reduce fatal and severe injury

We helped identify the risks of fatal and serious injuries at more than 25 company’s units, including mines, concentrators and steel mills. The next step was prioritisation and reduction of the identified risks. It was necessary not only to form a list of measures, but also to rationally allocate resources (time, human, financial) to reduce risks. It was important not only transfer competences to the Client, but to set up the sustainable self-developing process.


  1. Risk-based approach:
    • Identified and eliminated more than 40,000 risks of fatal and serious injuries
    • HSE Risk Index was introduced to compare sites and divisions and allocate resources
    • Leadership engagement level has grown substantially
  2. Internal competencies:
    • A Competence Center was formed to provide methodological support for risk management
    • More than 1000 managers were trained to work with risks
    • Changes were set in local regulatory documents and further risk management strategy has been developed.

"Our core value is the health and safety of people working at our sites. Together with the dss+ team, we were able to identify and prioritize the elimination of potential threats and risks for employees. For us, it was not a one-time result that was important, but constant control over the situation."

– Project Lead at client side