Healthcare Packaging

Published on Mar 25, 2021

eLearning Case Study

The Challenge
Training at this healthcare packaging plant was mainly instructor-led, and the content was not consistent from one class to the next or from one trainer to another. Their training system also suffered from a lack of detail in documentation, providing only the title of the training session attended, which was a serious concern when it came time for audits.

The Solution
The company chose dss+ Online Learning Solutions, including a Learning Management System (LMS), Authoring Tool, and off-the-shelf interactive courses from the dss+ library. Employees take courses ranging from electrical safety to fall protection.

Why dss+
The Training Coordinator says the plant goes through frequent audits because the company is associated with the medical industry. That makes documentation and consistency in training critical issues for him. dss+ resolved these concerns and brought other benefits as well.

Traceability of Training
The Training Coordinator confirms being able to show auditors the history of training employees have received is “extremely beneficial.” Along with documenting online courses, the company also values being able to document completion of custom, instructor-led training courses using the “Classroom & Hand-On Scores” report. Because this capability was not available previously, the Training Coordinator regards it as “a huge improvement for us.” From a tracking perspective, the dss+ online learning solutions are “as easy to use as you can get.” The company likes being able to quickly add new employees to the system, as well as move people from one department to another and change their supervisor. They also note that supervisors are able to manage training their departments better now that they can easily pull reports to see who has taken courses and who has not.