Gold Producer

Published on Jun 15, 2021

Gold Producer Insources Maintenance to Release Value


A major gold producer decided to insource maintenance activities previously carried out by a contractor to gain tighter control of cost expenditure and time. dss+ was asked to de-risk and accelerate the transition and ensure smooth business and operational continuity without negative impact on operations.


dss+ evaluated the client's business case including trade-offs. To enable the company to transition sooner and ramp up quicker, dss+ completed a detailed insourcing planning diagnostic. The resulting plan addressed priority risks and opportunities associated with insourcing. dss+ next worked with the organization to ensure full visibility of the plan at head office and local operational levels to assist with and de-risk day-to-day execution.

dss+ further designed and implemented a new Management Operating System (MOS) and developed Value Driver Trees to identify KPIs. Actively coaching and working side by side with the team, dss+ was able to help the gold producer:

  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Set more effective meeting cycles and structured weekly reviews
  • Embed strong awareness and discipline in cost control across the organization
  • Ensure recruitment of appropriate resources prior to the "go live"
  • Streamline and integrate information flow and re-align reporting to the relevant KPIs