Frontline Leadership Development Brochure

Published on Nov 5, 2020

Developing frontline supervisors is the key to transforming performance, elevating safety and sustaining improvement.

79% of CEOs worry about the availability of key skills
60% of frontline supervisors underperformed in their first two years
58% of project barriers attributed to behaviors and leadership capability

Frontline managers typically supervise the majority of an organization’s employees - and in doing so, they make a significant impact on overall productivity, employee morale and client satisfaction. They are the linchpin to driving execution and change. Yet, companies often make minimal investment in developing these essential leaders.

In working with clients across industries and around the world, we have found that organizations who focus on providing frontline managers with the skills and resources to engage employees and develop their teams can reap the rewards of increased organizational capability, improved operations, and a safer, more productive workforce.

Holistic leadership solutions are most effective at transforming and sustaining performance.

The most effective leadership development approaches target specific priorities for each individual and embed the tools and resources into the daily routine of managers.

Practical, relevant, hands-on learning designed in the flow of work enables supervisors to address daily challenges and helps them build skills and confidence.

To provide effective coaching and increased accountability, supervisors must be equipped with the right:

  • Competencies
  • Skills
  • Tools
  • Processes

dss+ new Frontline Leadership Development offering is comprised of 31 modules linked to competencies covering:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Human resources
  • Training and coaching
  • Safety and risk
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Review
  • Improvement

This systemic application-based approach delivers learning over time and is combined with on-the-job coaching - which has proven to be the most successful way to embed skills and sustain change.

The frontline leadership development program provides a flexible ecosystem of content, blended delivery formats and services to enable organizations to design personalized development journeys that meet the unique needs of their diverse teams.

Empower your frontline leaders and transform performance by linking competencies to capabilities

dss+ Management Competency Framework

Our blended approach combines experiential learning with practical tools and on-the-job coaching to empower frontline managers to lead successfully.

  • Classroom training by experienced trainers with industry relevant examples and exercises
  • Development and implementation of on-the-job coaching plans supported by experienced coaches
  • A “train-the-trainer” approach to allow for rapid penetration and adoption in the target group and longer-term effectiveness of the program 70%
  • Assessments utilized from inception and throughout the program to support retention and identify opportunities for further improvement.

This systemic application-based approach delivers learning over time and is combined with on-the-job coaching - which has proven to be the most successful way to embed skills and sustain change.

At dss+ we help clients ensure the transfer of knowledge by combining learning with coaching on the shop floor. By addressing real-world issues in real time, we accelerate capability building for lasting change.

Building employee capability improves your bottom line

By equipping your frontline leaders with the skills to adapt and succeed, your organization will gain competitive advantage through increased efficiencies, improved risk management and accelerated innovation. The result: enhanced company reputation, increased job satisfaction, and improved financial performance.

24% higher profit margins can be attained by companies who invest in training (Source: The Huffington Post).
60% of employees would stay at an organization longer if it invested in career development (Source: LinkedIn Report).