Field Visits and Focus Groups

Published on Jun 1, 2020

While surveys or questionnaires can be useful, they cannot capture what a person is thinking or feeling. This is where a focus group comes into play.

These focus groups are, in general, psychographic in nature. Meaning they are designed to understand the motivations of a group of people. They provide more depth and get closer to what people are really thinking and feeling even though their responses may be harder or even impossible to record on a scale.

The main purpose of focus group research is to draw upon respondents’ attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions in a way where other methods are not applicable.

By conducting focus groups with your organization, we’ll gather additional understanding of the beliefs, mindsets, and perceptions of the teams and culture. Put simply, here is where we get to know the heart of your workforce.

dss+ will conduct focus groups representing a cross section of the workforce across all regions to get a fundamental understanding of the safety culture and the operations.

During the Field Visits and Focus Group Sessions, we will perform the following activities:

  • Provide background and introduction to help client members understand the purpose and objectives
  • Interview a cross-section of personnel to determine their attitudes towards safety and collect their anecdotal perceptions of the culture and operating environment
  • Our team members will tour the site(s) to see in real time any and all processes taking place and examine, firsthand, a “day in the life” of those who work for your organization.