Executive Leadership Blue Sky Workshop

Published on Jun 1, 2020

No matter what part of your company culture needs vision-casting, dss+ brings fresh perspectives and high energy that is sure to get the Senior Leadership Team out of their comfort zone, and into the creative zone. dss+ workshops have a certain flare that is unmistakable in the way we do workshops and this one is transformative.

The Executive Leadership Blue Sky Workshop is our exclusive, inventive and dynamic creative session designed to help align your leadership with the affective approach to communication and employee engagement by dss+.

Does this sound like your organization?

Your senior leadership team is bogged down with putting out the fires of the day and just trying to keep up with the demands of leading the company. You have hopes of thinking forward and dreaming of what lies ahead, but most meetings never make it that far. Nearly all of our clients around the world have shared this story with us.

Whether it is around a safety topic, culture change or any other employee engagement initiative, our dss⁺ creative team specializes in getting you out of your comfort zone and collaborating around creative ideas faster than you can even imagine. What is more, all ideas, data and information are collected in order to present back to you a clear picture of what was accomplished and what to do next.

“Blue Sky” thinking refers to brainstorming with no limits! Blue-sky thinking is based on the premise that ideas lead to more big ideas. The sky’s the limit.

During this special time, the leadership team will discuss your organization’s current cultural story and through a series of creative, interactive exercises (i.e, break-out groups, white board sessions) that uncover what they WANT their cultural story to be. Our blue-sky workshop guides leadership with a burst of creative energy, a clear understanding of what it takes to engage the workforce resulting in a host of fresh, new ideas.