European Infrastructure Group

Published on Jul 11, 2022

Improving ESG ratings by enhancing strategy, disclosures and commitments


The Group engaged KKS Advisors to develop a portfolio-wide ESG strategy, identify targets, set a roadmap and restructure its annual sustainability report.


KKS supported the Group in developing and further enhancing its sustainability strategy in cooperation with the Board of Directors and the responsible Division. In addition, the team:

  • Assisted with the development of annual non-financial and sustainability reports.
  • Developed, along with the Group’s Management, short, medium and long-term ESG targets.
  • Calculated energy consumptions and the respective emissions for the entire operations.
  • Designed a comprehensive ESG data collection tool for improving the efficiency of the process.
  • Supported the Group during the external assurance of its non-financial information.


Develop portfolio-wide ESG strategy. Create a roadmap to achieve targets and restructure the sustainability report.


ESG strategy and reporting


  • Developed a clear sustainability strategy and relevant targets.
  • Improved the ESG information communicated to investors and analysts.
  • Improved ESG ratings during the last couple of years due to the enhanced disclosure of information and ESG commitments
  • Integrated the ESG data collection tool into the internal operational platform of the company.