ESG in Private Debt: Rising to the Challenge

Published on Dec 1, 2021

The combined positioning of Arcmont and KKS as market leaders in Private Debt investing, ESG, and sustainable investment puts the authors at the forefront of this unfolding revolution. As such, we are confident we can contribute to industry-wide knowledge on ESG by offering an introduction to, and an assessment of, the state of play and evolving trends regarding ESG integration in Private Debt. In turn, we believe this can act as a key driver of change for ESG investing in the Private Debt industry.

With this in mind, the goals of this thought leadership paper are (i) to serve as an introduction to ESG integration viewed through the lens of a mid-market private lender, (ii) to offer a framework for integrating ESG into the Private Debt asset class, and (iii) to help the industry create ESG integration best practices by providing insights and current practices from Arcmont.