Energy efficiency audit and tailored reduction roadmap

Published on Feb 5, 2024


ILLVA Saronno is known for Disaronno, the world's favourite Italian liqueur, which is distributed in over 160 countries, represents the "Made in Italy" image and taste worldwide. The ILLVA Saronno portfolio includes other leading brands such as Tia Maria, The Busker, Artic, Isolabella, Zucca and Aurum. ILLVA Saronno, in Italy, is part of a Group that includes 4 different companies: ILLVA Saronno, Disaronno Ingredients (two sites), Duca di Salaparuta (two sites) and Suor Marchesa.


The ILLVA holding started its sustainability path in 2022, to measure its environmental impact and define a sustainability strategy. They needed to monitor energy consumption and costs better, as a new area of sustainable improvement.


The Group commissioned dss+ to support the efforts to reduce energy consumption, propose relevant KPIs for monitoring, and help better comply with Italian energy legislation (DL 102/2014).

The project was carried out in 3 months, which included site visits, data collection, analysis and reporting. A "power consumption inventory" was done to verify data and focus attention on major consumers in the two plants in Saronno.

dss+ proposed a system to measure daily operations' energy consumption and developed a tailored solution to reduce overall energy consumption throughout the company, without affecting required production rates.