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Published on Sep 9, 2021
O Programa Atenção+ na EDP-Produção
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'Atenção+.' A journey to zero accident programme

"We needed to place Safety at the same level with the other business management issues. It was essential to hold people and management accountable, to develop competencies and skills, to identify work risks and, for that purpose, it was necessary to provide specific training that would allow them to carry out their activities safely", summarises Pedro Moreira, HSW manager at EDPP.

The first phase of the project consisted of the evaluation of the current Safety culture. Once done, dss+ co-designed with EDPP the 'Atenção+', a customised safety excellence programme, with the tagline "Our attention is the best security".

The action plan was divided in 3 streams:

  1. Training and coaching programmes.
  2. Establishment and monitoring of pro-active Safety indicators.
  3. Development of an incentive programme for incidents and non-conformity reports.

"There clearly exists a 'before' and 'after' in relation to the Atenção+ Programme at EDP Produção. This has been a programme with a lot of impact especially on the final output –by succeeding to place the issue of Safety in the minds of our staff."

– Pedro Moreira, Health & Safety at Work Manager at EDPP