Dynamic Workshops Help Italian Food and Beverage Companies

Published on Nov 2, 2022

dss+ Approach

Through workshops that employ a dynamic method and interactive activities, dss+ consultants merge learning and group work to achieve the desired goal. This approach has been shown to engage attendees as well as draw out real-time feedback on new concepts and ideas.

Dynamic workshops are a friendly, involving way to create awareness about sustainability. These sessions have also been used to collect stimuli and sustainability proposals from employees through group ideation, train teams on sustainability issues and marketing strategies, and identify and agree upon clear strategies.


Engage employees and stakeholders to align on issues, strategies and ideas.


Sustainability implementation and communication.


More than a dozen workshops have already been held, each with 20 to 30 participants.

Workshops have raised participants’ awareness of sustainability issues affecting their companies, helped clarify strategic points, and aided in defining communication objectives and strategies.