dss+ Active Shooter Preparedness

Published on Dec 27, 2023

eLearning (10 min)


All employees and employers reporting to any work site


Automotive, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical, Electronics, Oil and Gas, Metals and Mining, Transportation, Manufacturing, Power and Utilities

Topics Covered

Includes essential safety information applicable to all facilities, prevention of ASI, and how to respond to an actual ASI, specifically:

  • Establishing and understanding an Emergency Action Plan
  • What factors you should familiarize yourself with at a facility to know exactly how to respond to an ASI
  • Identifying and reporting suspicious behavior
  • Preventative actions you can take to prevent an ASI before it happens
  • Proper responses to an ASI, including how to evacuate, hide, and if /when to directly confront an active shooter

Key Models & Tools

Includes videos, and interactive exercises that maximize learner engagement while training how to prepare, prevent, and respond to an ASI if necessary.

Course Code


Key Outcomes
After this course, learners will know specific factors to be aware of both in the facility where they work, as well as any facilities they enter to both be prepared for and properly respond to an ASI. They will know how to process an Emergency Action Plan and how to register and report suspicious behavior that can prevent a potential shooting.

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