Published on Jan 17, 2020

DLF's Rentco buildings are some of the most sought-after addresses for Fortune 500 companies and other forward-thinking enterprises. Improving safety can be especially challenging in an industry where stakeholders with varied levels of performance expectations and understanding come together in a shared space. Unlike manufacturing, in which responsibility falls primarily on employees, real estate complexes are host to office and retail tenants, shoppers and visitors and third-party contractors, in addition to their own staff.


DLF has parterned with dss+ (formerly DuPont Sustainable Solutions) to help in improve safety culture and performance for more than 10 years across the organization and helped set new industry benchmarks on the way towards their zero injury goal. DLF and dss+ developed multidimensional, integrated programs to embed new standards, procedures, competencies and skills across the organization and develop a robust Safety Management System.

Every stakeholder group is addressed via multiple, diverse touch points. Tenants, contractors and employees, for example, are encouraged to participate in shop floor training, toolbox talks and briefings, drills, street theatre and more. Shop floor employees are appointed Safety Inspector of the Day on a rotating basis. Everyone receives ongoing communications in Hindi and English through message boards, Learning and Improving from Experience (LIFE) program, magazine and other media. Reward and recognition programs help cement the right behaviors.

Across the organization, safety is given paramount importance and is reviewed by line management at multiple points. Workplace safety is reviewed by five different groups in the organization, such as Safety APEX Committee, Customer Assurance Team, Safety Sub-Committees and Building Safety Team.

Competency mapping, training and performance monitoring ensure that the learn-do-learn cycle effectively fills any knowledge and skill gaps. In addition, a long list of activities and audits that occur daily, weekly and throughout the year foster involvement, empowerment and capability building, as well as instill a culture of mutual respect between management and employees. What's more, safety performance is part of annual appraisals, reinforcing the theme that safety is a value at every level.

The DLF leadership is committed to a sustained safety cultural transformation and has partnered with dss+ for more than a decade making it one of the longest client engagements.

“Safety is a key focus area and consideration in our all actions and decisions. Safety, for DLF, is non–negotiable and an integral part of our business. We strongly believe Prepare & Prevent instead of Repair & Repent”
– Gautam Dey, Executive Director, Operations &Technical Services, DLF.