dss+ Acquires ADS System Safety Consulting

Published on Oct 5, 2023

The acquisition adds the specialized capabilities and deep expertise of the largest U.S. consultancy dedicated to public transport system safety, system security and fire and life safety.

GENEVA, Switzerland, October 5, 2023 - dss+ today announced its acquisition of ADS System Safety Consulting, LLC, a U.S.-based consulting firm specializing in risk-based system safety, system security, and fire and life services. With the addition of ADS, dss+ deepens its operational risk management capabilities, expands its technical safety, security and fire-protection engineering knowledge, and diversifies its services in the public transport, aviation, space and autonomous and electric vehicle sectors.

“Helping clients save lives and create a sustainable future is our purpose,” said Davide Vassallo, Chief Executive Officer of dss+. "The integration of ADS reinforces that purpose. By combining our holistic operations management consulting capabilities with ADS's specialized expertise, we’ll help our clients accelerate improvements in safety, fire protection, and operational risk management to remain resilient in the face of changing risks."

ADS System Safety Consulting, LLC, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, works with clients to deliver enduring products and services that positively impact an organizations’ safety performance, capabilities and culture.

ADS has provided safety and engineering consultation services to the largest public transport agencies in the United States and to federal, state and local government agencies. In addition, ADS is a recognized leader in safety in both autonomous vehicles and zero-emission vehicles, where its safety expertise includes electric vehicle program safety and security assessments, electric and hydrogen vehicle safety analysis and electric battery fire safety analysis. Among its successes in the space industry is providing NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, responsible for building and operating satellites that observe the earth and deep space, with system safety, software assurance and quality engineering services.   

"dss+ has a tremendous reputation in the safety and risk industry that is well deserved," said Kahlil Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer at ADS. "We're excited to take our partnership to another level, a level that will enable us to introduce ADS's expertise and capabilities to a global audience and make a lasting impact on transport, zero-emission vehicles and beyond."

ADS's diverse team of senior, experienced consultants are located across the United States. With the addition of ADS consultants, dss+ will have more than 1,200 full-service employees and experts serving its global clients.

About dss+

dss+ is a leading provider of operations management consulting services with a purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future. dss+ enables companies to build organisational and human capabilities, manage risk, improve operations, achieve sustainability goals and operate more responsibly. 


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