Published on Jun 1, 2006

eLearning Case Study

The Challenge
After being spun off from Ingersoll-Rand in 2005, Dresser-Rand was left with "no training and development organization, no leadership DRESSER RAND eLearning Case Study training, no technical training, no performance management system, and no way to capture knowledge across the company," explained Jeff Grenzer. "In other words, we had to start from scratch an entire program in 14 languages for over 5,500 employees in 26 countries and over 50 locations."

Jeff continued, "Without a centralized training and development group to develop a global strategy Dresser Rand relied on 637 training vendors worldwide. The company was spending an incredible amount of money and the learning was never measured. Subject Matter Experts and engineers became trainers. Succession planning was non existent, and basic training policies had not been developed. With 40 percent of our workforce becoming eligible for retirement in less than four years, the organization's future success depended heavily on our ability to create and maintain a learning and development culture."

The Solution
Dresser-Rand selected the Coastal eLearning System because of its total value proposition. Specifically, Dresser-Rand implemented the Coastal Learning Management System (LMS), ClarityNet® interactive, customizable courses and the Custom Course Creator (C3) authoring tool – which have provided them with:

  • The flexibility to create D-R specific training aligned to its strategic business plans and people development plans.
  • Online, just-in-time training without incurring travel and related expenses along with minimizing lost production.
  • Outstanding support and technical assistance.

The Result
The Coastal eLearning System was rolled out in conjunction with the Dresser-Rand University, and the feedback has been very positive. Coastal's solution has provided D-R with the freedom to create and upload required training quickly and easily – while decreasing training costs, including travel expenses and lost work time. According to Jeff; "Dresser-Rand will benefit from a cost avoidance of approximately $1 million this year."